Wind Tech Skills Competition
December 10-20
Wind Tech Skills
December 10-20
10 Winners
$10K in Cash Prizes
WindTechs Community
Job Offers
Industry Rankings
How It Works
You register by signing up and completing your candidate profile
Then, you spend 30-50 minutes to solve some practical challenges
Win and Get
Win cash awards, get rankings points and enhance your portfolio to make it more attractive for companies-employers
Sneak Peek of Challenges
So Why This Competition?

The goal is to better understand wind technicians and help those in the trade be better prepared for career advancement. We believe the wind technician role is underrated and under-appreciated today. However, wind techs have always taken pride in their work and continue to strive to be first-rate in this trade. That said, we want to change the perception of the profession!

Ksenia Solomatina
CEO, PowerTechs
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