Power Techs
Matching the right talent to the right roles
What You'll Get
Digital Portfolio & Job Offers
As a Candidate you are able to join, asset your skills and get be listed for free. Also, you'll get your digital portfolio with indicated skills to improve as well as your personalised adaptive learning path. Once you get hired by one of our client companies, you'll pay us 2% of your salary for 2 years after you are imployed.
How It Works
You register by signing up and completing your candidate profile.
Then, you solve some practical challenges for 10-50 minutes each.
List of jobs and action plan
According to this assessment we provide the list of jobs you can apply, your digital portfolio and a learning path to improve your skills.
Why choose us
Gain Skills
Learn and Grow your Career
Make Lifelong Friends and Connections
Increase your Income and Potential