Repurposing Workforce
for a Renewable Energy Future
or email at ks@powertechs.us
How does it work?
While workers solve practical challenges on their screens, PowerTechs creates a very granular picture of their existing transferable skills and generates educational paths.
🔥 What is PowerTechs's advantage?
Online simulator-based adaptive skills assessment and training.
What can it be used for?
PowerTechs helps assess skills, recruit, train, upskill and repurpose workers.
What does it look like?
Here is a sneak peek:
How much is it?
PowerTechs is free for workers. Companies pay a fee per user per month.
Which industries can it work for?
PowerTechs is industry agnostic but focused on energy and manufacturing.
How can I schedule a call?
Just click on the button Schedule a call in the Menu or here ⬇️
Why do you make it?
The lack of skilled workers is already a bottleneck for Renewable infrastructure deployment. This problem is only going to get worse. We've built PowerTechs to address it.
💌 How can I contact you?
Schedule a call or leave a message here / email us at ks@powertechs.us. We'll be happy to answer!
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