Matching skilled technicians and energy roles.
Current state policies and drafted US policy will require a transition to 70% renewable energy by 2030, but renewables currently represent less than 13% of US energy consumption.

More than half of domestic energy will have to be changed to renewables in the next 10 years.

PowerTechs connects both sides of the skilled labor market to reduce the impact of the coming hiring crisis.
What You'll Get
We fill energy needs with energy skills.
Empowering Human Resources and Workforce Development
As an Energy Company, PowerTechs can help you hire, upskill, and onboard the skilled technicians critical to changing infrastructure. Get access to pre-screened candidates for Lineworker, Wind Turbine Maintenance, Solar Installation, EV Charging Station Installer, and Electrical Technician Roles.
Creating Opportunities
As a Job Candidate, PowerTechs can help you find a high-paying position in the fastest-growing job markets in the next 10 years. PowerTechs can help you demonstrate the skills you already have, train for the skills you don't, and search for job opportunities that work for you.
How It works
For Companies
  • 1. Skill Standard: we review the skill set provided by employers in order to create a standard for a specific position.
  • 2. Assessment: we assess candidates using adaptive practical challenges and game simulators.
  • 3. Matching Candidates: based on this assessment we provide the list of candidates exactly matching the required skillset.
Get Candidates
For Candidates
  • 1. Profile: you register by signing up and completing your candidate profile.
  • 2. Assessment: then, you solve some practical challenges for 10-30 minutes each.
  • 3. List of Jobs and Action Plan: according to this assessment we provide the list of jobs you can apply for, your digital portfolio, and a learning path to improve your skills.
Apply for a New Job
Who We Are
Founders focused on job growth in green energy. Backed by Techstars.
Ksenia Solomatina
5+ years in TalentTech & EdTech.
Sam Saarinen
5+ years in AI & EdTech.
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